Saturday, 23 June 2012

Birthday Presents

This is a continuation of my birthday post which was weeks ago. I know, I'm sorry! But I've been having so much fun in my life doing the things that I love~ I will share them. Slowly but surely, okay? 

Gift from Mint, Jackie, Joey & Fameelee~

Haha~ Yay now I don't have to buy a new hairdryer! (check sidebar: New hairdryer: check!)
The other 2 are duck-stuff. Mint found out I like ducks and has been buying me ducks whenever, ever since. Lol~ I meant the yellow fluffy ones. Not the ones hanging inn the duck rice stalls...

These guys have been planning on what to get me for many months. (How come I didn't smell it!!! Good la you guys!) And they would get something and then see something better and get it too and then get another thing they think is better. So I ended up with a box of presents. Lol~

They also gave me a card which I can so understand right now. 


The evening of my birthday, Jackie & Mint brought me to Kushinbo at Great World City. I've heard about it for a few years, but I've never gotten the chance to try, until that night...

It's like a Japanese-style buffet, and each person would get one hugeass Cheese Lobster! Whoooaaaa~ 
Note: Eat while hot. Else the cheese would harden and it would be one huge mash of hardened cheese stuck with the lobster meat. 

Thank you Jackie!

Just while we were chatting and having a peaceful dinner for my birthday with my mum and Mint's entire family gathered, my mum suddenly went "Eh!" to someone standing on the right side of me (Mint was sitting on my left). I turned, and to my amazement and utter disbelief and shock:

CHERYL TAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And she came with something in a Lomography Paper Bag!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!
She brought me a present!!! 

She was in shorts and t-shirt and kept saying "I'm very smelly I'm very smelly I'm very smelly!" while I didn't care and kept trying to hug her. Why so sweet one??? Turned out she had been liaising with Mint regarding my whereabouts (Mint ah her story about my birthday here - sneaky sneaky!), and had checked with her if anyone else had already gotten me the Mr Pink I have been dying to get my hands on so much~~~

Thank you Cheryl darling!!!! Now I have the Diana Mini Gold (read more here) & Mr Pink, both from VIPs in my life. *bliss*

I was so touched because I met her a few nights before my birthday and she had already passed me a huge stash of stuff she had bought for me from her travels all around the world.

Ooooo the Matcha KitKat... It is soooooooo goooood I tell you~ I have never been so crazy about KitKat in my life, until I first tasted this last year....
That's from Japan.

And then there're are the rest of the items from the States - namely L.A & Vegas. Woot!

 Little things like these - they let me know I'm special to someone. 

Cheryl claims ownership. ;)

And oh, she also got me a shirt that says "Out of Control". And that when she saw it she immediately thought of me because I will just do whatever I want, and travel whenever I feel like it. Bleah~ (Hey girl! No fair! You should have gotten BOTH of us that shirt! Lol!!!!) 

Yes, nothing can stop us. Haha~

My sis also bought me stuff, from China~ Thank you for remembering! (As she was away on a school trip I was totally prepared that it would slip her mind, but she remembered! ^.^)

That was not all.
A few days later my Property Investment Programme course mate Vincent dropped by my Real Estate class (yeah I'm really into that now. Been for a while. Talk abt that in another post!), and handed me this:

The wrapping was so pretty~ He specifically chose a Silver wrapper. Lol~ 

OOoooooo~ I've heard of her - Robert T Kiyosaki's wife! But I haven't read any of her books. I came across a poster of her a few weeks before this, and I was just wondering what is it she has to share since all these while the limelight has been on Robert. Must be the law of attraction taking place. How else would you explain a gift of her book, like, so out of nowhere? ;)

I am making my mark yo~ Watch me. Because Imma make it happen. 

And because I know I have the love of these people around me, true friends I can depend on. Who will guide me if I ever go off-track, grab me if I trip so I don't fall, encourage me when I'm making progress, share my happiness and success every step of the way, and love me with all that they have. The same way I will for them. 

And also, because I know I have you readers who are going with me on my journey. 

Thank you for being a part of my life.

Thank you, for loving me. ^.^


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