Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine's Day Loot!

For years I have only ever received Vday gifts from whoever was with me at the time (sometimes don't even have la FML), or at best, from my Mum.

This year's was the very first that I felt a different kind of love, from the people who are not in THAT kinda relationship with me, and should I say, I was touched. Deeply.

 Presented to me one day before Vday.
This was the very very first gift that blew me away, made lovingly by Cheryl (, the coolest female writer I ever met. She's real and really very down-to-earth. Plus from this very gesture, I know she's someone who values friendships. ;)

Though it may not be apparent to her at the time she presented it to me, I felt overwhelmingly moved I could tear there and then. Thanks to an funny episode before that which involved hilarious tweets, I kept my cool. ;)

 Heart-shaped brownies...

 ...choc-chip cookies...

 And mini sponge cakes with this lovely heart at the bottom!

She's for keeps. She has been telling me about this Hello Kitty flight that she wants to take, and I think sometime this year I will grant her that favour.

 Lol. (I'm not really a huge fan, you know? But I will, for you, Cheryl!)

What else I got?

 I was at Nuffnang/Churp Churp office, and the girls gave me a Churpie plush together with a Churpie USB-cum-bag charm! Okay means I shall tweet and churp more. ;)
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 From Mint 妹妹! A Citigems bracelet! OMG I totally wasn't expecting this!!! Cheryl and Mint ah~ You girls made me super embarrassed cos I totally treated this year's Valentine's Day with major nonchalance!

 Yes dear, this is so me. It's sweet when you know someone knows what is "you" and what isn't.

She even got Alton a "Bite Me" bone toy! <3!!!!

 Then this is from 妹夫 Jackie Goh. 
I wish the both of you 长长久久!有什么问题,用真爱解决就没问题了~ 记得我说的话哦!

And at night, I had the luxury of being treated by my lovely Mum to a sumptious Valentine's Day dinner at D'Kranji Farm Resort! Lovely friends Hagen, Angeline, Edwin, Mint and Jackie had the very honour of being included in this dinner! ;)

It was a 6-course dinner, with braised sharks' fin (I'm feeling so guilty now), abalone, and this lamb chop with a heart-shaped potato side was the entree~ The food was so good!!!! D'kranji (De Beers) never failed me once when it comes to their food. They serve wonderful tze char at affordable prices! (And honestly, standard is comparable, or sometimes even better than some of the famous seafood restaurants here). 

*D'kranji and DeBeers is located at 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2. You can check them out here.

 Yes, there was a Lobster dish too! For $168 per couple. I'd say this was a super worth it meal. There was also fried rice and Hashima for dessert!

Thank you Mummy! 你最疼我了!Love you so much!!! 
And to the dearest ones mentioned in this post, I love you guys too. 友谊常驻!<3!!!!

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