Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Story - Part 4

I know this took forever, but I had a hard time deciding to finally put this post up (for many reasons). Then there's work. And Candyce and Junyang's wedding that took place on Sunday (I was one of Candyce's sisters). And spring cleaning at home. So I haven't got time to properly sit down in front of my lappie. Until today.

Had a very bad bout of UTI which made me want to pee like every 5 minutes, for the past 4 days. And there were blood clots in my cloudy-despite-drinking-a-lot-of-water pee. And it hurts like mad each time I pee, or rather, drip, since I couldn't really manage to let out a lot of water, though I constantly felt the urgent need to go.

Ytd I couldn't take it any longer and decided to go to my VERY good family doctor.  I've been seeing him since I was a baby, and his treatments ALWAYS make me feel better! I remember the days when I was flying. The company's appointed clinics included Raffles Medical Group. I tell you....they've got like the most useless medication ever. There was once I coughed my lungs out for an entire month, and went to them 5 times that month cos I just wasn't recovering and SQ only accepts their MCs (plus a few other clinics which were far far away from my place). I gave up and went to MY family doctor and hey presto! I was healthy in less than 3 days. In case you may be curious, his clinic's at Beauty World Centre. #01-22. Nam Seng Clinic. Tel 64682824.

Today I'm feeling much better. At least I can do stuff without feeling restless or 尿急. I had a hard time keeping a straight face during Candyce and JY's wedding okay. Imagine having to 讨红包 and sabo the guys when I kept URGENTLY needing to pee!!! (Will blog about their big day tmr!!!!)

Alright alright, enough side-tracking. Part 4...


I stopped at Sembawang Park. Mistake anyway on the last part. He sent me home on the morning of the 13th, after we're done with watching crabs mate. -.-"

We met up about 10 hours later. (I drove this time. Mum's car.) To have a quick bite and then catch a play. A friend was performing, and had invited me to go. It was a Christian-y kind of play (in Mandarin). I am not Christian, but it had a good theme I could relate to. Personally, I love plays and musicals, coming from a 话剧班 back when I was 13 (my coach was famous local writer Ng Wai Choy 吴韦财!)  The props, lighting, costumes, songs, each and every move of the actors. A wonderful combination of sights, sounds and senses, telling a story. They excite me, more than how filming a drama does. When you do a TV show, every line you speak, you gotta repeat at least twice. Every series of movements you make, you have to segment them and do them a few times. Close up. Mid shot. 2-shot. Wide shot. The flow is unlike that of a musical, where the build-up of emotion and story is cumulative for the actors. 超 high 的.

It's great when you have someone you fancy with you when you're doing things you love. I don't know, it somehow allows me to show more of myself to that person, let him know who I am, instead of just talking and feeling restricted about the stuff I say because I don't want to say the wrong things and scare the person off. So if he doesn't like the things I love, then maybe, just maybe, we're just not compatible. =)

I didn't think he didn't like it. Or if he didn't, he didn't show it. Which helped cos I liked the play. Anyway, after the play we went for KTV!!! Mad love singing okay~!!!! Haven't gone singing in the longest time (1 month also considered long already k! Once I didn't sing for 2 months and when I finally got to, my voice quality and diaphragm strength had become so weak I couldn't sustain a note properly!!!)

Act shy la somebody. Said what "You sing can already k? I listen to you sing enough..." Most people do that when they're not confident of their singing. BUT when he started singing, his voice was okay la~! And to think I was actually prepared to be nice and polite about his singing if it turned out REALLY bad. Cheh! I mean, I'm hardly fussy about friends' singing. We're there to have a good time, and if they're not singers, it shouldn't matter ma. Although, it's a BIG bonus if your partner loves singing and is good at it like you do (not saying I'm fantastic la, but quite okay one hor!) This way both can sing nice duets together!!! Damn shiok one lor the feeling!!!

Anyway during the whole session we just sat beside each other and sang. Elbows and arms accidentally touching occasionally, but nothing more (not sure if it's ENTIRELY accidental, maybe we both did our parts to make it seem so =P). It's amazing how when you are strangers or just friends (with that bit of liking for each other) a simple gentle skin contact can make you feel all tingly. But when you've become age-old couples, that tingling is replaced by a comforting touch. Something that only 2 persons very comfortable with each other can achieve. That tingling feeling only lasts for as long as you remain attracted, but are not yet there, so there's something special and exciting about it.

All in all it was a good KTV session, and I sent him back after. Think he was too tired, he slept all the way home. When I reached his place (downstairs, of course) he was sleeping so soundly I didn't try to wake him. I just watched him sleep. I was just happy watching him sleep. He did wake soon after, but he didn't make any move to leave the car. He just woke up, sat up, looked at me, and lay back down (the car seat was down).

I knew I wanted the night to prolong itself, but I didn't know he felt the same too! On and off he tried to tickle me (again!) and I chided myself for being ticklish whenever I was with him. I tried for a loooooooooooong time, and THEN I FOUND IT!!!! His ticklish spot!!! Ha!!! By this time I had already been tickled to a position I was all curled up....with his arm behind me. His free hand was naturally used to tickle me further. Dunno whether or not it's to make me curl up further and eventually end up leaning against him...which was what happened...

It was damn awkward. This close proximity to him. I didn't really want to pull away, yet I wasn't sure what to do anymore. Our heads were close together. He had his arms around me from behind. Our bodies were leaned against each other. Any move now would decide what was to come. And I didn't dare move.

We stayed in that position for what seemed like eternity, and somehow, not sure how, our faces moved closer, and closer... I closed my eyes, and we kissed... I didn't know how long it lasted, but when our lips finally pulled away I felt like I was in love...

Shit. I told myself (and guys I've dated the past few months) I was going to remain single for the next 3 years to focus on my career. Who is this guy who just made me broke my words to myself!?? I've seriously not felt like this in a long while...not for any guy... My head was spinning, my heart was beating so fast, and amidst all the excitement, I felt happy and lost at the same time...

I stayed in his arms for a while longer, before we finally decided to pull apart and head home (to our own respective ones of course)...

I was smiling to myself throughout the drive home... No, it wasn't the excited omg omg omg omg kind of smile. It was the quiet I'm-happy-and-I-think-I'm-in-love kind of smile. Usually, I would have been (very) grouchy, but I didn't mind having to park on the multistorey carpark's rooftop and having to wake up in less than 2 hours to drive the car down again for Mummy. Needless to say, I slept very well that morning, smiling...


  1. part 4 so short? haha

  2. Hmm, it could this be a flirting time/experience, since u met him in the driving centre. I mean when u get ur riding license, ur chance of be together with him is lessser.
    Then what if he meet another silver girl in driving centre?

    I presumed the relationship is at the beginning stage, sweet and loving. Happy for you.

    Since its a backtrack story, hope there's more happenings in Jan 2010. Is there any?

  3. Anonymous who posted 2nd comments said...
    Pardon me for my poor english.

    Here's my edited comment.

    Hmm, could this be a flirting time/experience? Since u met him in the driving centre. What I mean is, when u get ur riding license, ur chance of be together with him is lessser. ....

    So no more mistakes in it.