Monday, 25 January 2010

The Story - Part 3

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I wrote a story...
Part 3 - Here goes...

12Dec09. His birthday.
Did I mention I didn't get to see him that day? A good friend, Row, had asked me earlier if I wanted to go Supperclub that night, and I kept putting off replying her cos I was hoping so hard that he would be free to entertain me. In the end he told me he might be going clubbing or something so I was like...aiyah whatever la! Why the hell am I putting my life on hold for this guy??? He's not even my anybody la!!! Hence I told my friend I would join her at Supperclub, and even proceeded to ask another friend out for dinner before heading there. But I brought the carefully-wrapped (by myself) present along, just in case.

I was actually glad I joined Row. There were a few of her friends there with her, but we had fun. Supperclub was packed. And most times we were like, squashed on the dancefloor. But we jostled and danced and laughed. And did other silly things.

 Like posing...

And posing somemore...

Which made me happy I was there. Instead of brooding around at home grumbling about how I shouldn't be just waiting for him to ask me out...

He DID call actually, when I was heading to Supperclub. And asked me what I was doing after Supperclub. I mumbled something about a 'friend' probably picking me up and then probably going somewhere...he didn't get me at first, until I said "You la!" I vaguely thought he was smiling at the other end of the phone, but I couldn't see his face, so I wasn't sure, but you know you can detect a smiling tone of voice when you hear it right? Anyways, he said he will come and pick me later when I'm done. Which made me go "Yippeeeee!!!!!" (inside). But I wouldn't have known that he would call, and can't be staying at home and po-ing that he would what~ so I was glad that I met Row and gang.

 I left the place at about 2am. Which was when he arrived. First thing I did was to give him his prezzie, which I was carrying all through my clubbing session la! Damn tak-glam can! One stupid paper bag hung on my arm while dancing and jostling. (There were no more storage spaces at the counter. NOT that I didn't try...) It was this PowerBall thingy which you're supposed to rotate with the momentum. It supposedly trains your wrist and is good for musicians and tennis players and people who uses their wrists a lot. Bought it for him for no particular reason. Just thought it was damn geh-yan cos when it rotates and you're NOT in momentum, it feels like you have Stitch in your hand. It feels like it's trying to wriggle it's way out! Next time I'll upload a video on how it works.

We had no idea where to go, and after much driving around aimlessly, we went to Chong Pang Nasi Lemak to grab some food, then headed to Sembawang Park to chit chat... (Really chit chat nia la~~~)

No idea how it started, but we started trying to tickle each other. Like, randomly. I think I started it. I've got this thing for trying to find out if a guy's ticklish. Someone once told me a ticklish guy would like, 怕老婆 or something. So far so true you know...from like, my experience. They are usually more loving and passionate. Of course not 100% one la, these things... Okeiiiiii anyways, he wasn't ticklish!!! Like, I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!! So, throughout the night, I was trying to find a ticklish spot on his body. Along the torso only la...other places not for me to touch. Same goes for him. I wasn't really ticklish except in certain places, but he managed to like, find it! Pui! And for some weird reason I was especially ticklish even in places where I normally wouldn't be.

Enough of the tickling. It didn't like go on and on and on and on. Just the occasional try once in a while. Most times we were chatting. And we stayed all the way till dawn and took some really really nice pictures~ ^.^

Nice right? ;) Of course, this was taken by myself...

 It's times like these I wish I had a better camera...I T5's great, just that it's like a decade old or something...And night/low-light shots...they CAN be nicer...

That's the mystery man's feet. Or rather, shoes...

At this moment, he decided to go behind me and sit. Back to back. Leaning on me... It was proximity. There was a lot of it there...for 2 persons who weren't a couple, or close friends, or anything like that. It was a step closer. Trust me, my heart was beating so fast then. And I was thankful that he was behind so he couldn't see me even if I was blushing...

Then, out of nowhere, he pointed out this man to me...

What was he doing??? I mean, I've seen people doing like morning stretches and stuff. But his was like some ritual of sorts la...touch the floor, then breathe in all the way while slowly raising your hand, then it's this final position where he looked like he was talking to dua peh gong or something...

I spotted this man fishing and snapped a picture.


Dawn. There's something about watching the sun come up...
And I think if I can a thing for capturing nice pictures if I can do this with a Sony T5... Lol~

Just before we left, we saw 2 crabs mating!!! (Trivia~) Hey I've NEVER seen crabs mate before okay... so it's only natural that I feel awed when I watched crab-porn, live~...hahahaha~

He sent me home that night, with a few more failed attempts at tickling him on my part on the way back... Buay gam wan~ How can anyone NOT have an itchy spot!!???? Sure have one lor! I'll find it...
And no, nothing much else exciting happened, other than the back-to-back moment...

Seaside, Dawn and Crab-porn,


  1. Thanks Silver. For letting me know how much he lied to me just to get close to you, especially what has happened on his birthday. And the night that he was with me. Thanks. I will be looking forward to more posts.

  2. Hi, this post makes me think what kind of person you are and what character u have. Becos, in your blog u stated that he is not your close friend or your boyfriend, but the tickling part shows that you are flirting with him ( aperson you do not know much). Obviously you are throwing yourself to the person. i don't believe there is nothing more exciting happened later. Which cat don't eat fish? Whatsmore when it is free.

  3. Anonymous, the way you comment on personal affair like this, also makes people like me think what kind of person you are, and what character you have. Even what brought up you have, i can tell. Like, it sucks to be a loser your whole life right?

  4. To Qiuting,
    I think you are a loser, a frog in a well, you have not see the world yet. I am stating from a man point of view, if you are not a man you will not understand. Which man don't like free things? Woman like free gifts too. Same, Man have ego, they feel good when woman admire and throw themselves to Man. The Man are different, they treat the woman (women who offer themselves)like tissue, can use and throw away.

  5. Okay, then you must be the kind of man you think all man are, and that's precisely why i say it must suck to be you. You are living in a dark dark world.. Tsk tsk tsk.. You need help? Can call helpline.. Like those to get out of your cynical depression.. You are lousy and disgusting doesn't mean all guys are like you okay *shake head* Like your dick is short, and you have low self-esteem, doesn't mean every guy has a 4 inch dick okay? I don't care if i have to bring this debate to a low level, since anyway, it's a meaningless debate with you. You are like a trash can here. Can't you see? People don't really care about what YOU think, and what YOU see guys as.. generally, people here don't care about you.. You need to decide right now, "DO I CARRY ON THIS FIGHT AND LOSE AND DIE A TERRIBLE DEATH" or "DO I JUST WAKE UP AND MOVE ON FROM MY LIFE?" Ask yourself this, it's for your good. And don't FUCKING call me frog in the well. I am a princess, and a frog is ugly. We are very contented and happy with our beautiful life, if you'd excuse us. *pui!* YOU THEN LOSER! 4 INCH DICK!!!

  6. And and and, there are guys out there earning BIG money who don't surf blogs, let alone stalking blogs and commenting on EVERY SINGLE post the blogger writes. I think those man CAN have ego, cox they earn BIG money. And i think they can have whatever they want and just throw it away whenever they want. Then maybe those are the kind of guys you are talking about. But how do you know? YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. Becox your small brain only allows you to accomplish small things in life, like the satisfaction to win a mini blogwar here. If you ever reply to this, it'd say a lot about you.. Like your lousy career, how much your gf/ wife (if any poor girl out there is) is unwilling to suck your mini cock and that'd explain why you are so unhappy =(( I feel sad for you already. Somebody pass me a tissue.. I want to cry.. I feel like it's not your fault for having small dick.. So maybe if you admit to having small dick, i will totally side you already. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Trash can!!! You make me feel so much better!!!

  7. Hello, I'm just a reader, reading Silver's blog as a leisure. Allow me to give my 2 cents worth. I don't see why Qiuting should be so angry and cursing Anonymous when he's just purely stating his own comments. Just ignore and chill~ =)

  8. She's just being funny! Leave her be! =)
    Qiu! Love you la! You're so cute you never fail to make me laugh! =D

  9. Tink someting is really not right with Qiu cos Anony is reali merely stating his own comments while Qiu herself is making fool of herself by writing essays mocking at others when she tink she state facts ;p truth is, the real trash is HERSELF.