Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Story - Part 2

First and foremost, let me say thank you. To everyone who's been nice and encouraging and supportive. It warmed my heart reading the tags you left. It really did. Makes me feel I shouldn't let you guys down and blog more about my (somehow super dramatic sometimes) life. =D Part goes...

Okay this part is slightly more I had NO sms or tweet history for 10Dec to jog my memory (which has been failing me these past few years...early sign of Alzheimer's...more on that another time)

This took me the longest time to recall. I had no idea what I was doing that day, then I suddenly remembered (thanks to my tweet). Filming at Sembawang Park. After filming at 6pm I remembered smsing Joel to tell him I'm done, and he called me. Then I had no idea what to do for the rest of the evening and was contemplating for the longest time if I should go for the riding theory evaluation so that I can pass so I can book for my Riding Theory Test. Only after passing the theory test can I book for my PDL which is required for me to go on to the main road for the later part of my learning.

Anyway, after MUCH hesitation and loads of contemplating, I got him to go online to book the evaluation for me. Scheduled at 8pm. I passed, of course. Full marks. (It's basically a lot of common sense questions, and even more so if you've been a driver since 2003, like me.)

He told me to call him when I'm done then maybe we can meet near his place in CCK, and I did call, but he didn't pick up, so I decided to take the first 187 bus that came along, and headed to Woodlands. Except that he smsed me shortly AFTER I got onto the bus. Meaning I was like, stuck and somewhere in Bt Panjang already. Nowhere near an MRT la, to put it simply, and I know no other way to get there.

Then he sent another sms saying he'll just eat cup noodles then, it's alright. ~.~ Any person would feel bad la. I don't know about you guys, but if a friend wants to meet me or makan, then for some reason I can't make it, and he/she tells me they'll just eat cup noodles, I'll feel guilty like mad. (Even though I love instant noodles myself...used to binge on them when I was younger...and I mean even after I've eaten and was already full...explains the fats then...)

So I had an idea. 187 will go pass Marsiling MRT on the way to Woodlands Interchange. I'll drop off there, THEN take the train down. Brilliant idea. So I did, and called him saying I will see him at the train station. Though he was trying so hard to get me to go earlier on...but I had rejected the offer many times that night, and given the act-blur-dee-gong reaction whenever he asked if I was heading to CCK for dinner. I was tempted la of course, but didn't want to seem so, so pretend lor! (He's going to read this and suan me for it, along with all the other secretly-happy episodes I had...bleah~)

We had dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe that night. Please note that at this moment, we were still keeping our distances. Both of us probably knew how the other party felt, but still, we kept things relatively distant. At most it's some harmless flirting and testing water on the phone. And it's nice. I noticed he was quiet that night. Not sure why. Maybe he was tired. Maybe I was just sensitive and it's just one of those quiet days. Or perhaps something was bothering him. I wasn't sure. (And still am not.) He made a nice gesture by offering to send me back on his dad's car, so I let him. I was tired. (Plus I wanted to see him longer...)

Unexciting night, I know...

Next day (11Dec09), Mummy and Sis had gone to Genting (I was supposed to go too but due to filming schedules, I had to cancel my trip.) I had free use of the car. Nothing beats mobility with your own personal mode of transport. I told him about it, and suggested that I drive to my riding practice, then hand him the keys so he can drive back THEN come back and get me when I'm done. Saves my parking fees, makes it easier for him to get home, plus I found myself an excuse to see him later in the day. Brilliant idea~ Though I am absolutely sure my mum would get into a mad frenzy and start nagging non-stop if she knew some stranger had been driving her car. With my permission, not hers. She'll probably not speak to me for days. Either that or she'll start lecturing, then she won't let me drive the car anymore, so I'll have to quickly get my licence so I can  quickly get my bike.. Anyhow, I WILL get it once she reads this. But I'm going to risk it all and write it down so that you guys can read the whole story~ So nice of me right? Ya I know~~ ^.^

I'm not saying she's a horrible and super 难搞 person. She's a great mum. She is. Strong. Independent. And funny.  She's just very sticky with regards to who I date. And honestly speaking, except for like 7 years ago when I was going out someone she really really liked, she hasn't really been hospitable to ANYONE I've dated since. It didn't help matters that she had gone to this fortune teller long ago and the guy told her I will have a failed marriage if I do get married before I'm 27. The most recent one she went to in June told her I'll only get married when I'm in my mid-thirties and even if I was seeing someone now, it wouldn't work out. (I was dating someone in June, and oh didn't work out, like he said.) So being a firm believer in fengshui, naturally she will think that I'm wasting my time and effort if I'm putting any of those into guys and dating, and that I'll probably be a huge star by now if I spent those efforts on myself and my job.

Anyway, he came and picked me up after my riding, but luck's not on my side. He has dinner plans with his family, so he's gotta drive himself back to get the family car and pick the family up from somewhere in Woodlands. Meaning I gotta drive myself home after he gets there. =( Oh well...might as well. Go home and do some laundry and wash the toilet. (I did, in case you think it's just some figure of speech~) And so we went our separate ways~

I contemplated going shopping for black sneakers cos all my sneakers were either very old and torn and water ALWAYS got in when I rode in wet weather, or they were white, and got stained very easily due to kicking up the gear pedal. For dunno-what-reason, I contemplated for so long I just dropped the idea and decided to just head home.

I got home and was halfway through doing my laundry when I got a call from him. Saying his family had yet to reach so he's just bumming around somewhere.
Me: 你要的话可以过来我家坐坐。
Him: 哈?真的啊?
Me: 我可以陪你等。总好过你吊着也不懂要去哪里。
Him: 哦。Actually 我在你家楼下...
Me: ...

At this point it was a mixture of surprise, shock, confusion (because I wasn't sure what to do next as I was in the midst of my laundry), relief (that I had not gone shopping) and happiness (because he somehow missed me so much he's come to see me again once he had the chance!!!!!!!!)

Me: 你给我两分钟。我马上下来。

What? 我跟他又没那么熟!请他上来很怪啦!更何况他又没说要喝水还是用厕所什么的。So it's only right that I go down. A while nia ma...

I was probably looking goofy and stupid grinning from ear to ear when I got down. But I was happy. Like, we both knew that his gesture was quite obvious but neither of us mentioned anything. We just chatted at the playground for a bit till his parents called and he had to go. It was probably a brief 10-15 minutes, but it was good enough to make me smile the entire night.

Some days ago, during dinner, I found out his birthday lies on December 12th. And that was tomorrow. I had prepared his birthday present (I can't remember which day it was but it was in the past 2 days that I went n got it) and was thinking maybe, just maybe, I might be able to pass him his present tonight after midnight.

I got home and was soon concussed on my bed, and the next thing I knew, it was 12:50am, December 12th. Oh geez! Damn!!! The first thing I did was to check my phone, and voila~! His sms! At around 12:30am (not sure of the exact time cos the msg has since been deleted): What are you doing?

I called back IMMEDIATELY and .... dial tone... more dial tone....and MORE dial tone... Then a lady's voice. "You have reached mailbox number 9......." ~.~ Oh well...he's either asleep, busy, clubbing, or drunk... (I found out later it was all 3 of the latter...) BUT BUT BUT!!! He msged me when he was in the toilet and half-drunk! He thought of me leh!!!! Despite me being quiet (aka asleep) for the past few hours... TEEHEEHEE~~~~!!!

No, I didn't get to see him on his birthday. I was filming. But he did call in the afternoon when I was break-ing for lunch. Said he gotta go out and get some things done, then he gotta attend a colleague's gathering of sorts. Like sad la. I'd be damn sad if I've to attend some random gathering on my birthday. 没人帮我庆祝就算了,还得去应酬人~ Just as well. My shoot was a full day shoot till evening.

I am going to be super 吊胃口 and stop here. Because what happens the next day will be a long entry, and you guys have probably waited so long I can see your turtle necks stretched out so I decided I shall post something first...but I'm so tired I won't continue writing until later. Part 3 soon~



  1. hi Silver, thank you for the very detailed post and also for trying to remember and write as clear as possible to clear up the air :)

    just one question though, i'm not doubting the actions or feelings you both have but this is just a thought on my part especially after reading your Part 2. it has triggered alot alot things that has happened which made me ask this question.

    How do you know that someone is really interested and vice versa? it kept me thinking for a long time as two of my friends recently asked me this question too. even though through the various experiences and get to know of, this guy (in terms of the actions, behavior, everything and anything) IS interested, but you know sometimes, it might not be the case. So how do you really know and confirm it without being too obvious?

    i hope you are feeling better. i had food poisoning for more than 2 weeks and the butt hurts like MAD :X

    take care :) it was nice seeing you in person and thank you for smiling back! :) was at marina barrage for the filming too!

  2. Hi Cherie~

    With regards to your questions, it will just be my answer okay? I don't know how other girls read guys la~ but this is how I do...

    He calls. For no reason. Whether it's to erm...ask you out for dinner (wah damn obvious already la, unless he sells insurance or is a multi-level-marketer), chat (trust me, if they are not interested they would rather spend time youtubing or gaming or watching football or tv or something...instead of calling u and having to conjure up topics to chat about and maybe risk rejection), give you a wake-up call (trust me, they can sleep in an extra 1 hour...or spend the time to zab their hair). They somehow also call you during their breaks, and after work/school. Just to chat. In other words, to hear your voice.

    He texts you. Random stuff. Like "Today so hot la...melting already..." Things most of us would post on twitter. You know, THOSE random happenings and thoughts. We girls text stuff like that to each other all the time, yes, but GUYS, they don't text each other things like that. And if they start sending you random msges, they miss you, and subconsciously, they want to share their daily trivia with you. Period.

    He keeps asking you out. For dinner/lunch/breakfast/movie. Unless he's TERRIFIED of being alone, he likes you, and is trying to create more chances to bridge that chance of finally "accidentally" brushing against and then holding your hand, or landing that kiss on your lips.

    All the above said (really, they pretty much confirm everything), if you REALLY want to confirm it, ask him straight. Playfully. Like, if he asks u out again...ask him "I thought we just went out a few days ago/ yesterday? Miss me already ah?". Or OUT OF THE BLUE, when you guys are walking...pop the question "Do you like me?" That will throw him off-guard and if he starts stammering and not knowing what to say, you know you've got it. Better still if he just admits to it. Or says no plainly. Saves you all the guessing. ;)

    I hope I have been of SOME help~ =D

    I'm getting better, thanks for asking. Still at it, but it's less wet now...(urgh~), though I'm still puking a bit here and there... 2 god, must have been painful...

    All the best with that guy~! ^.^

  3. thank you Silver! (^_^)

    something random i want to share.. you mentioned "Or OUT OF THE BLUE, when you guys are walking...pop the question "Do you like me?" That will throw him off-guard and if he starts stammering and not knowing what to say, you know you've got it."

    I was not interested in him but I still asked anyway. I knew he was a very very shy guy and I just wanted to irritate and see what's his reaction "eh you like me is it?" and he was sooooooo gan chiong, he scooted off and i never heard from him again till about a year later! HAHAHA i think i must have scared him off or maybe he is just weird.

    *drink loads of water to hydrate yourself, no dairy products/oily/spicy stuff! :)

  4. Hi, let me tell you something from a guy point of view. Do you know Man think with their dick not their heads? And they on anything that moves with their skirts. When u say "你要的话可以过来我家坐坐。" Obviously you are showing interest in him and invitation to home is like you are open to sex. Think carefully, i feel that he is treatin you like a toothpick. You know what is means? It means filling up the spaces between the gaps. If i were him, i meet you when my gf is not free just to fill up my time like a spare tire. What kind of guy is that? I think he must be damn boring, no hobbies and not sucessful in career. People earning lots of money will spend time thinking how to earn more money and spend time wisely than to waste time like that. And you did not check if he is attched before offering yourself. You may ended up with a man that is not yours. Waste time and youth. Stupid and cheapen yourself. Pls treat yourself with self-respect.

  5. Anonymous:

    Which part of my blog do you NOT understand. If you choose to remain stupid there's nothing I can do. Cos there's really no cure for stupidity you know? Because I really meant it as an offer for him to come and sit down or have a drink. Not everyone's like you, dear: Go to your house = have sex. -.-"

    AND! I'd like to see you check a person's family background, rich or not, married/attached, how many credit cards/houses she owns, and maybe even her bank account or whether you guys SOMEHOW are blood-relatives BEFORE you start liking her. Don't be a moron and just look upon this as a normal relationship progress, can you?

    Of course, 嘴巴是人家的。无知者,我也不能怪你们。 But like I've said before, if you've nothing nice to say, then zip it. OR JUST read. And keep your comments to yourself. Because I'm sure your life is so perfect you only have eyes for other people's so-called 'faults'.

  6. Wa lao, Anonymous fill the teeth gap with toothpick, that's very unwise what. Lol. You just remove something irritating in the gap using toothpick, you don't fill your teeth gap with toothpick. Anyway, having said that, i really think you are stupid, and that you are the one who is not successful with your career (if you have one) and that i would love to insult you further but i'm afraid you might lose me. You get off my friend's back, ugly maggot. You must be ugly, only ugly people are so sad =((( Beautiful people are never lonely~ Weee~ ^.^

  7. To big eyes, I'm a married man and i understands. I think you are not up to date. Nowadays, most girls ask me if i'm married when they are interested in me.

    To Quiting, a blog is to allow people to express their feelings and thoughts, and when you allow people to comments, you should be ready to see critism. Wa lao! If you cannot accept people to critise then don't write. Only Loser do not reflect and think themselves are right only. Pls improve you English. Don't use beautiful for Man. Your teacher did not teach you the word beautiful is for ladies only. Whether i am ugly or not is not important. Only shallow people go for outlook and i think you are one.

  8. Erm anonymous? *knock knock*

    Beautiful is for ladies only? You mean there's no such thing as 'beautiful people'???? *gasps* You've offended many editors,journalists and writers, sir. I take it you've not studied literature or understood English. So we forgive you. Though you insist you 'understands'...

    And you must be of a considerable age. Mid 30s? or look chao lao. And those 'most girls' you talk about who are interested in you? *Sigh*...what can I say...*sigh some more and shakes head* Your wife? *SIGH* She'll be sad to know you love taking free gifts just because they're free, you know? Cannot like that you know? 有一点自尊是好的,知道吗?

    People WILL NOT ask a 20 plus year old guy if he is married. *-duh-* More so if he looks like he in in his early twenties. You think this is what? Rural countryside or kampong or some tribal area? Where people marry when they turn 18?

    And simi up-to-date? About what? Your marital status? I don't need to be updated on that, thank you very much. Or you're having some imaginary conversation with me which I don't remember? I'm surprised I even bothered bringing this point up.

    'Improve you English' too sir. =D Before you er..what was that...'COMMENTS'...yes yes...before you 'comments'...

    And HEY!!! Since you mentioned all guys are the same, don't slap your own face~ Since ugly men cheat and beautiful people cheat, I think it's only logical to have an eyecandy cheat on you than a fugly cheater. Isn't it so? My dear not-so-important-if-you're-ugly-but-'on-anything-that-moves-with-their-skirts'(including bapoks) man? =D

    Qiu, I think we need a BIG mirror~ where to buy cheap and big mirrors har?