Monday, 18 January 2010

Dear Readers...


Okay, many many many apologies for the drama happening on the side of this page. Yeap, this is one of those very rare occasions you see Silver Ang lose it. Ask my friends. They will tell you they hardly see me lose my temper. And that my patience level is generally quite high. And I happen to have a very high threshold with regards to irritants. Jo is one of those irritants which you call “打不死的蟑螂”, except the fact that 蟑螂s are probably a better species than Jo, whatever he or she is. I am going to curse and swear, and do NOT freaking comment. Okay? No. I hope the next person she sleeps with has HIV, 3 kids (and married but the guy cheats her and tells her he's not anyway), or a very small dick. (Don't ask me why but I kinda think Jo is female. Either that or a very gayish boy. Men are hardly so bitchy, though there are of course, exceptions to the rule.)

Then if she is another stewardess, may she have ugly armpit sweat stains (kudos to Qt for giving me this idea~lol~) while serving passengers, or so many complaints she doesn't ever get promoted. I think she's probably ugly. If not, get a bad breakout so she ends up ugly anyway. And people will think she's 32 instead of in her 20s.

Alright. I'm nice. So I shall stop cursing and swearing. My menses is coming...and I don't need other causes of hormonal imbalances. I found this stewardess blogging about me being some 3rd party. Stephy. On stephylittlecorner.blogspot. Singapore Airlines stewardess. Who knows, she's probably Jo. We'll never know, will we? Today her blog is SUDDENLY only open to invited readers. Worried? That maybe I'll write in to SQ and have them close ur blog? (Oh yah, SQ does that, if they realise that your blog mentions you being their stewardess...) Or that my readers will start spamming you? Or what?

Jo, I'm sure by now, after reading my previous post, that I'm more or less NOT what you thought I was. So why keep doing this? Val's your friend, isn't she? Yeah Val obviously knows who you are cos you know I banned her from tagging (only reason being she was getting on my nerves while waiting for my post to come up). She's had enough. So have I, or Joel. You're just trying to 挑拨离间 for I have no idea god-knows-what reason. Please just stop. Come back only for the simple reason of reading. Pleasurable reading. Not coming just to check my tagboard and curse me further. WTF is wrong with you? My blog's intention is for people to know about my life. My thoughts. And would I dare to be such an open book if I'm doing shady things like sleeping with people's husbands? I've yet to start Part 2 of the story. But am instead, here, ranting my head off. I've got a performance later, and I haven't yet picked my song, my outfit, or made any preparation. I can't work while something, or rather you, Jo, is bugging my head and biting my name off. Yeah well, maybe I can, but I can't put in my 100 percent. And I don't like that. It's not nice. You don't have 100k to gain for this. Even Valerie has sent me an email of apology:

So please Jo. Be nice.I hope you understand that things are settled now.

And stop arrowing Joel, alright? They were separated before I came along. I just happened to appear before the freaking stupid documents are signed. But deal with it, alright? Papers are no good if it binds an empty marriage. What's important is the quality of the relationship itself. Divorcees out there, you should know. So what if you cling onto someone by means of a paper? Sure, it probably gets you the money and maybe some property if ur other half is rich, but what's left of the love you once shared? No I'm not trying to fend for myself here but stating a general statement. A real one. I've been there. Clinging and refusing to let go. We own a car together, and still do, thanks to the stupid dealers who said they'll call me back but never did. Anyway I'll get that settled this week. Yeah so what? We own a car together. We lived together. When there's nothing left there's nothing left. Only him 敷衍-ing me and me crying night after night after night while he sleeps beside me on our single-sized bed. Skin touching, but is there anything in there? No. It's painful. And it took me a lot of crying, anti-depression pills, crying, sleepless nights, and crying, before I finally moved on. Then this has to happen. Yeah I love roller-coasters, but only in the form of physical rides, not like this. You think it's fun, moron?

Guess what, I puked this morning. From irritation. I didn't know what condition you call it, and seriously, I didn't know someone so irritating can make one puke. Now I know where the phrase "you make me puke" came from. And I thought it was just some random literary term.

Alright, I shall stop here. And start on picking a song, and practising. Then I still have to shower and make-up and choose an outfit and get out of the house in 3 hours' time. Don't create havoc while I'm busy, alright? Esp my dearest readers, as much as you would like to stand up for me, don't say nasty things. Like I said, if you don't have nice things to say, then don't say anything. Just let me know you're there. And that is enough to make me smile.

Love and Hopefully, Real Peace...

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  1. Hi, i am not the irritants out there. I hope you learn something from what i wrote. Stop Cursing and swearing at other people. What goes around, comes around. You did not think before you act. Reflect on yourself how you get yourself in this situation. Is it due to your flirtous behaviour. Admit to it. Most girls flirts. You stated: We lived together. When there's nothing left there's nothing left. Then Why still sleep together? Why still live together? Why still incurred pain to yourself. If you love the pain so much, then i recommend you to see a psychiatrist. You states: Only him 敷衍-ing you. 敷衍-ing means there is no love, then why cheapen yourself to be with a person who no longer love u and brings pain. Only Cheap people use for second hand things. understand?